Not Your Typical CPA

nerd-155841_640What comes to mind when you think of a CPA? Probably a gentleman wearing glasses with a collar shirt, brown slacks and a pocket protector. Well, I’d be lying if I said that plenty of my colleagues don’t fit that mold. However, I realized early on that although I absolutely love accounting and finance; I am definitely not your typical CPA.

I’ve always been an extrovert and a nerd at the same time. In high school I was voted class clown of my senior class while also graduating as the valedictorian. By the time I entered business school and began discovering my passion for all things accounting and finance related, I started to realize a stark difference between myself and my peers. This was even more evident as I obtained my CPA and began my career. For some reason in the office environment I always felt out of place. I always had this underlying thought that I couldn’t be 100% myself. It was the constant professional demeanor that needed to be upheld in order to advance.

Still today, I struggle trying to uphold the image that my profession and career demand. However, it was one day when I was exercising (and by exercising I mean vigorously pop n’ lock dancing in my garage) that I looked in the mirror and realized… there is no reason why I can’t be a professional CPA and awesome at the same time! In fact, that is in large part what motivated me to start a blog. To have a creative outlet to express my thoughts, share financial information, but most of all to be myself.

I am as big of a nerd as anyone I know. You can catch me watching cartoons long after my kids have lost interest or testing out new hip hop moves in the mirror. But at the end of the day I love the world of personal finance. I love the concept of using the power of compound returns to generate long-term and sustainable wealth. With that, I decided to combine my own inner weirdness with my passion for personal finance into a blog. Here’s to an informative yet odd endeavor. Cheers!


Photo by Pixabay